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An amazing show, highly entertaining, a definite must see!!

The Illusionists is everything magic should be.... a killer night out for the entire family.
Herald Sun

"Amazing .. funny .. scary .. breath taking"

A slick, well-constructed evening of magic that will entrance children and adults alike... a smorgasbord of the freakish and wondrous.
The Age

"A fantastic performance that had us engaged until the end"

Dazzling. Amazing. Breath-taking. Unless you follow this show (THE ILLUSIONISTS) around the world, you will never witness again such a brilliant example of the genre, on such an impressive grand scale. That it is here in central Auckland is astonishing and every opportunity should be taken to see it.
Adey Ramsel

"Best show I've seen for a long time these guys and girls are amazing"

"Wow, what can I say! A very entertaining night. How did they do those tricks, got me scratching my head in amazement"

Media Appearances

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The Illusionists recently played a special guest appearance on America's Got Talent.

The show was broadcast across America and Neil directed this special condensed set for the broadcast.